• Michelle Laurentia Agatha

    Children's Book Designer | Illustrator

  • Children's Book Illustration

    Some children's book illustration that I've dabbled into recently!

    Hansel and Gretel in the Forest

    Witch's Table

    Village Mouse and Town Mouse

    First page

    Village Mouse and Town Mouse

    Climax Point

    "I didn't finish my homework!"

  • Character Design

    Several character designs that I made about children and their imaginary friends.


    Juliet Thumbnails



    Expression Sheet


  • Environment Design

    This is a project titled "Urashimataro". Urashimataro is a story about a boy who discovers an underwater house occupied by a humanoid fish.

    Environment Painting

    Environment Painting

    Environment Painting

    Coral Study

    Color Script

  • About Michelle Agatha

    I am a visual development artist based in San Francisco, California. I graduated as BFA in visual development at the Academy of Art University. I am very passionate about creating imaginative environments and characters that are entertaining and inspiring.

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